Borderland - A Novel by Mary Kay Jennings


Borderland is a tale of discovery and redemption set in the Post Event World where The Lessons of the Past are being obliterated by The Enhanced State, a New World Order formed when the two remaining Powers publicly joined forces even as they covertly vie for control of the World and beyond. Borderland, the only unmapped area remaining, serves as a haven for those who have contributed to the preservation of the Lessons of the Past and for the dwindling number of recruits who might carry the Lessons forward.

Zoe, a professor in the Enhanced State University System, is slated to become a Facilitator of Instant Learning (FOIL) as soon as she undergoes the mandatory Re-education Seminar designed to immerse Participants in the Virtual Education Experience. When her “experience” goes awry, she is catapulted into dangers on a multidimensional scale that lead her to Borderland and back, cause her ties with her family to be severed, and result in an elaborate scheme to preserve the Lessons of the Past for future generations. Her journey is bizarre and circuitous, exposing her to fantastic characters along the way: lovers and gamblers, grandparents real and imagined, artists and mathematicians, a thousand-year old mathematician and his giant peregrine falcon, a clairvoyant Labrador retriever, and a savior-sometimes-mate who has the ability to morph into different persona without warning.

Zoe’s ride is wild and unpredictable as she tries to make sense of it all, preserve the Lessons of the Past for posterity, and discover a means of redemption both for herself and the human race.